Surface preparation is paramount for an effective and successful coating application. A substrate that is dirty, greasy, insufficiently textured, or still has old paint can mean the difference between a valuable coating investment and a failure. One of the most effective methods of substrate preparation is abrasive blasting. Abrasive blasting is the process of modifying or cleaning a substrate by blowing abrasive material at high pressure towards its surface with either air or water. The combination of pressure and the media fiberglass. Abrasive blasting (sandblasting or dustless blasting (aka wet blasting) are the umbrella terms for these processes; individually they are known by the type of media being used for abrasion. Common abrasive blasting materials include shot, crushed glass, glass bead, garnet, alumina,  oxide, plastic, soda, and even walnut or coconut shell.

The popularity of sandblasting comes down to its ease of use, effectiveness, and versatility. Sandblasting can be used on aluminium, steel, iron, stone, wood, fiberglass, composites, and masonry substrates; you can sandblast a house when it needs recoating or re-stuccoing, machinery or metal pieces to remove rust or as a coating preparation, even to remove graffiti. The results of sandblasting or blast cleaning include:

  • Shaping an object – Lettering and signage can be formed using sandblasting
  • Removing surface contaminants – Rust, old paint, and residue can negatively impact a coating
  • Smoothing a rough surface – For aesthetics or to improve the working of moving parts
  • Roughing a smooth surface – For applying a powder coating or other coating type.

Below you can see just a few of the things we do.

 We Specialize in Boats

Wet blasting methods are fast and 100% effective. DSC teams work in harmony with boatyards. We not only care about work but of our environment. Our work starts tenting up the blasting area to protect surrounding boats and leaving a perfect, clean finish ready for painting or epoxy coating

Paint & Graffiti Removal

With the DSC dustless sandblasting system, we remove paint and other coatings from brickwork, timber, steel, concrete, fibreglass, and stone. The dustless sandblasting system can be applied to any commercial and industrial buildings inside and out stripping paint or graffiti.

Automotive Restoration

Lots of sandblasting work we undertake is for automotive customers. It ranges from complete restoration projects to individual parts. Often, we are presented with wheels, vehicle parts and whole cars that have suffered years of neglect.

 Heavy Construction

Being mobile gives us the flexibility to be able to go to any location any time you're require sandblasting services. Most times, due to the size of the machinery, requiring this service is just too costly to transport or too large to fit into any standard sandblasting bays or even when reconditioning, the unit cannot be moved.

Commercial Services

Dustless sandblasting is great for removing paint and other coatings from commercial applications like trash bins, Ibeam, outside and inside building walls, mill or gas plants that require safe reliable no heat and dust free due to continued operations and environmental restrictions.


Home and Garden

We use sandblasting for removing paint and other coatings from brickwork, timber, steel, concrete, fibreglass, and stone. Being mobile gives us the flexibility to be able to go to any location you require sandblasting services.,  It also expands the opportunity to do work in residential neighbourhoods

We are  mobile to serve you better

We are here to help. Our aim is to be the blast-cleaning contractor of choice, for projects large and small, and commercial and domestic market. We have worked on sandblasting projects all over the island from Campbell River to Victoria and in the Lower Mainland.

Our portfolio goes from cleaning old paint from brickwork to removing rust from metalwork; from taking dark stains, paint from wood beams to sandblasting swimming pools. We have tackled most types of sandblasting projects and have gained a good reputation.

Mobile sandblasting is our specialty. We like the challenge of undertaking the less obvious sandblasting projects too.

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