How does shrink-wrap work?

Dustless Sandblasting of Canada (DSC) shrink-wrap is a heavy duty film, when heated shrinks to create a ‘drum tight’ and tear resistant covering. This covering can be used over roofs, scaffold, boats, cars, freight, and even aircraft of any size or shape.

The sheets of shrink-wrap can be fitted to create a continuous, bonded skin without the holes or gaps typical of traditional sheeting like tarps.

Once installed other applications such as windows, access doors and vents can be added along with additional shrink-wrap to create shot blasting enclosures, temporary roofs or simply to maintain the site appearance.

What makes DSC shrinks-wrap different?

DSC shrink-wrap is manufactured for us as a premium product. We utilize  200 and 300 fire resistant micron shrink-wrap, which is listed as a key reference for regulators, designers and engineers.

We install the wrap by our own highly trained installers. Once you’ve used DSC shrink wrap you will never want to go back to traditional cladding materials!

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